Alienware For Windows 7

Monday, 21 November 2011

Windows Media Player Skin

Alienware Darkstar - From the darkest reaches of space.

Alienware Darkstar WMP Skin image.

Alienware Darkstar features breathtaking design elements such as audio-enhanced startup and runtime animations, function-responsive LED arrays and highly tactile control surfaces. All of these features combine to create a stunning desktop design brilliantly captured in black and red and infused with traces of Alienware's distinctive style.

Alienware Invader - Introducing the galaxy's most dynamic Windows Media Player skin. The invasion continues.

 Alienware Invader WMP Skin image.

Our boldest and most dynamic Windows Media Player 11 skin to date! Alienware Invader features a 580+ frame stunning intro animation, sound fx and a design that is simply "out of this world."

An advanced communication sentry,the Alienware Invader Windows Media Player 11 skin breaches limits of all known human user interface technology.

Featuring more than 500+ frames of animations & chilling,custom audio fx,Alienware Invader floats ominously above Earth's desktops.The newst device in the ongoing arsenal of the Alienware invasion force.Are you prepared?

Alienware AlienMorph/Teleport- The Official Alienware Windows Media Player Skin.

 Alienware AlinMorph/Teleport WMP Skin image.

Mars Attack introducing the official Alienware Windows Media Player 9 series skin.

The invasion has begun.Without warning Alienware Teleport transmutates your unsuspecting Windows Media Player 9 series into an 'Advanced Hyper-Media Player.'With bi-directional,dual gyroskopic animation and sound that herald an alien global invasion,Alienware Teleport will take your Windows Media Player 9 Series into a new reality - a new beginning
Run your life.

Alienware ALXvortex - The Official Alienware Windows Media Player Skin.

Alienware ALX Vortex image.

Hyper-Cool intoducing the Official Alienware ALX Windows Media Player 9 Series skin.
ALX Vortex - the premium end-result when you amalgamate the innovative design-style of the Alienware Coperation with the hi-tech creative prowerss of The Skin Factory.

ALX Vortex - is brain of these two force destined to revitalize how you play media file with the super-animate,hyper-slick Windows Media Player 9 Series skin.Your video never played so well,your music never sounded so clear,and your media never look so good.

Coolant Chamber Animations
Cooolant chambers active automatically during the video playback.Animation 'kill-switch' is located in upper chamber.Click anyware in the upper chamber once to deactivate- click again to reactivate animations.Unit will be reset to default when ALX Vortex relaunced.

Advance Animations
Once is certain,from the movement you"power-up" Alienware ALX Vortex,you realized you have one of the most exciting skin ever create.

Featuring an animation sequence that contain more than 135 frame,ALX Vortex delivers the excitement you've come to expect from The Skin Factory.The main motion sequence revolves around gyroskopic ring - each ring spinning fluidly on different access point.Did we mention the animation is reversible?
With sound straight out of a 1950's Hollywood Science Fiction film.ALX Vortex Windows Media Player 9 Series skin will take youback to the day when it was 'Earth vs. the Flying Saucers.

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